Why use Rumbo?

We are different. We focus on achieving a successful long term sourcing relationship with the minimum of hassle – and without many of the costs that law firms and big consultancies carry.   You will hear our team ask about your deal parameters, your view of success and what you want, rather than telling you what should be done.  Our team will share their experiences and the sometimes painful lessons learned on similar arrangements over the years. We will then work with you to create a contract that provides a strong foundation for long term success.

Our approach to life is refreshingly simple.  We:

  • only use people with significant experience of your type of deal to advise you
  • look for the key issues on your deal and focus on them
  • answer commercial questions and provide alternative approaches from our past experience
  • will not accept your work if we do not have the resources to deliver it well.

… all of which generates a better outcome for a more economic price.