Our services

Rumbo will:

  • help you establish how best to achieve your commercial goals through your contracts and their ongoing management
  • actively assist in the contracting process through:
    • drafting documents (eg non-disclosure agreements, RFIs, RFPs, contracts and schedules)
    • negotiating contracts to a close (including the technical service description and SLA schedules) and
    • reviewing contracts written by others, before they are signed, to sense check them and challenge the thinking process (sometimes called “red reviews”)
  • train the team you choose to operate your contract on:
    • what is really involved in the contract
    • how best to manage it effectively and
    • how to spot the things that could become problems they should escalate
  • help formulate and implement  a sensible strategy if something unexpected happens after a contract has been signed
  • bring a pragmatic approach, allowing your team to do much of the work where it makes more sense to use your own resources rather than ours and
  • arrange access to specialists in staff transfer related issues, pensions, union issues, litigation, tax or VAT who also understand IT and outsourcing deals, where needed.

Rumbo’s people:

  • specialise in structuring, negotiating and managing IT and outsourcing deals and
  • are experienced sourcing specialists who understand system and service design and the market

You will find that Rumbo’s team are open and direct.  We favour working out the challenges that are likely to arise at outset, so as to avoid problems being discovered late in the day.  Our approach means that arrangements are structured sensibly from the start, making them easier (and cheaper) to see through to a successful conclusion.

In addition to our work in outsourcing and IT contracts, Rumbo provides a specialist open source software consultancy service.